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“Friends of the Alley” is a pending 501c3 that was formed as a result of the tremendous growth and success of The Buckham Alley Fest. The Buckham Alley Fest, a large-scale music and art festival, held its inaugural event on July 16th 2011. The event was attended by nearly 1500 people, had over 50 vendors and 9 bands. We knew then that this semi organic event would become a great asset to downtown. The purpose of the event was to entice people to enjoy downtown through exploring areas they may not have seen before. The result was an outpouring of support and desire to be part of future events. We also saw the event as a way to raise funds which would allow us to further our desire to create a more beautified and pedestrianized alley system in downtown.

As a result of the success, and to to align with the group's goal to grow, the committee decided to create a formal non profit to help build our capacity and strengthen our core. This non-profit has several goals for the alleys in downtown Flint helping to provide beautification and pedestrianization of the alleys on nights and weekends. We feel that by doing this we can help strengthen the since of place and grow the traffic to those businesses located along the alley.

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Our mission is to beautify and pedestrianize the alley ways in downtown Flint. For more information on our effort click above.

Buckham Alley Fest

Need we say more? For information about the fest please click above!

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Patronicity Campaign

Friends of the Alley from Style & Motion on Vimeo.   The Project Our first major project is to permanently light Buckham Alley. Over the past 5 years Buckham Alley fest has drawn thousands of people to the downtown, all of whom have marveled at the twinkle of our lights. This past year we decided to leave the lights up through the fall. When we were forced to take them down due to Michigan weather changes, we vowed that we would put them up permanently, helping to create a public space in the alley. We will be permanently affixing the lighting to the buildings along the alley as well as providing areas for sponsor banners to fly. We think that this will also encourage other future events and creative uses of the space to present themselves. When the lights have been up for the fest they create a feeling of excitement that we desire to continue. The overall cost for this permanent installation is going to be roughly $80,000 dollars. The remaining money from the grant will be used to install banner holders, cover any contingencies and to have a maintenance reserve to assure that the lights stay lit for years to come! The Impact We feel that our project will impact our community on several fronts. First we think that the lighting will create an increased desire for more community events helping to grow a culture in our rebounding downtown. We also recognize that the lights create an increased sense of security for visitors to our downtown as well as office employees and residents. It helps to further Friends of The Alley's mission of creating a friendly, fun usable space and attempting to pedestrianize and beautify our alleys. The 2 blocks that will be lit will also help to encourage more commercial growth along the alley. There are several store fronts that will greatly benefit from the increased activity. We want to give special thanks to those who contributed to our campaign especially Diplomat, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's match.
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